Allie Brosh Returns: New Hyperbole and a Half Post

     After a long and overly stressful week of school, I logged on to get some bloggery done yesterday, and low, what do I see in my feed?  At approximately 7:30pm the amazing and talented Allie Brosh had posted on Hyperbole and a Half the night before!  I was stunned and overly excited.  She had posted a short bit about what's to come leading to a 2nd larger post about where she's been for the last year and a half.
Where she's been.
     She once again has made the topic of depression understandable with her unique brand of humor.  Depression Part 2 is wonderful and contains great insights into the human condition.  Miss Brosh has been stuck in a loop and by the looks of things she has broken out of it with a message of hope from a kernel of corn. 
Corn induced happiness.
     Coincidentally, her posts are those corn kernels of hope and hilarity for most of us fans. 
     And from us fans to you Miss Brosh,
Thank you, you've been missed.

Note: These images are 100% Allie Brosh's and her Copyright Monster's.

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