Star Trek: Gratuitous Benedict Cumberbatch Shower Scene?

     There has been some talk of sexual objectification in the new Star Trek.  Specifically of Dr. Carol Marcus (Alice Eve).  Although I do understand her underwear scene was kind of abrupt and unnecessary, the same could be argued of Kirk's scenes.  If they were removed from the film, NOTHING would change, so why isn't there a problem with Kirk's semi-nudity?
Behold!  (By that I mean avert your pervy eyes)
     In defense of the scene, Kirk is someone that would try to sneak a peak while she was changing.  And wasn't there some useless reason for Zoe Saldana's Uhura in the first film?  These topics are so ridiculous.  Granted, the scenes are unnecessary, but if memory serves, the original Star Trek series had plenty of gratuitous moments.
     Here's a deleted scene pic (video below) of Benedict Cumberbatch as John Harrison (Khan) showing how much better he is than everyone by taking a shower.  Naked.  And posing awkwardly.
Khan is better at taking showers than you.
     Truly, if there is a problem it's that the leading ladies are completely underutilized.  Give them a larger more meaningful role- that is an issue I have with the new Trek films.

     And for what it's worth, Lindelof is a writer I really think is overrated in the first place, but at least he admits and takes full responsibility for the scenes on Twitter.

     Then J.J. Abrams himself on Conan O'Brien posted this gem in a sort of response:

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