Harbinger Wars: Battle for Las Vegas Mini-review

     With all my love for Valiant Comics and their wonderful marketing tie-ins, this is my first real let down.  A video game tie in to the comic book crossover is a brilliant idea.  However, Harbinger Wars: The Battle for Las Vegas is a perfect example of a great idea poorly executed. 

     First off- I am on an Android phone and the game gets an error and force closes 9 out of 10 times I try to start the app- typically right at the Storm City logo screen.  Very inconvenient.  That is a bad way to start the game.
     Then comes the screen layout.  All the bars are set low enough on screen to provide space for advertisements.  Real nice.  Put the menus mid screen, wonderful idea.  Right where the gameplay should be happening.
     The controls are awful.  Too clunky and slow.  A poorly made virtual D-pad, a jump button, and a fire button.  There's a floating to the jumps and the gun ALWAYS fires in 4 shot bursts.  Everything feels delayed and that subsequently costs you lives.  Honestly, this game could be massively improved with the simple addition of better controls.  Put the D-pad buttons closer together, and make it more responsive.
     The enemies aren't difficult at all (although I don't really see a problem there), and it does suck that you cannot duck under or avoid shots.  Damage will be taken by turrets and soldiers with no alternative.  On top of that instant deaths feel cheap.  I've been killed by falling through moving platforms, that kill instantly if you touch the bottom of one, far more than being killed by enemy soldiers.  Should I mentioned the one hit kill laser gates?  There's plenty more of them than enemies.  Not even kidding here, those gates and touching the bottom of a moving platform (even far above the ground) combined with the rubbish controls make this far more frustrating than is necessary.

     The level(s) are very short and boring.  And when you've defeated the first real boss, the next level (Chapter) has to be unlocked with coins, which can be either earned by killing enemies or bought with In App Purchases.  2000 coins to open the next level?  After playing through a few times I barely have 300 coins.  With the IAPs you can buy coins ($0.99 for 600 coins, $1.99 for 1200, and $2.99 for 2500 coins).  Just to remove ads it's 800 coins. 
     I'm sorry to say but it's not worth my time nor money to continue to level 2. 

     The only slightly redeeming factor is that they'll be adding characters and levels as the comics get released during the crossover event Harbinger Wars progresses... then again, maybe not- as the game is awful.  One would think that with as many people were listed in the credits, someone would've realized this game was garbage.

     For the first time since Valiant Comics has been revived I feel disappointed by them (granted this was more due to the game makers- Storm City and Gameshastra).  I will still be purchasing loads of their comics. 
     And I'm stoked up about Quantum & Woody returning this month!

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