Last of Us: The Uncharted 3 Easter Egg

     Speaking of Naughty Dog's next game, The Last of Us, and Easter Eggs- I totally forgot about the egg in Uncharted 3.  Apparently Last of Us was supposed to be revealed in June 2011, but was pushed back until Dec. 2011.  Well, there was a nod to the upcoming release still left in Uncharted when it came out in Nov. 2011.
     I don't see any problems with it.  If you didn't know about the Last of Us, it wouldn't matter anyway.  Besides- how many people just blew through the game and didn't even know about it?  I mean the only reason I knew about it is because I was hunting for the "treasures" hidden in all the levels and spotted it.  Which, is also another place they have a reference to one of their other series- Jak & Daxter- the "Strange Relic" treasure.
     They created the newspaper reference, but somehow leaving it in was considered a "screw up."  Why?  Who cares?  Until Last of Us was actually announced, the paper on the bar was something I saw, but without the reference- it HAD NO MEANING!
     Does it mean the games are in a shared universe?  Possibly... but it is an EASTER EGG, so it may just be a tip of the hat to the new game.
     Game companies should put more nice little Easter Eggs like this in their games.

[Source] Of course it came out the day after I posted what I hoped to be a nice idea for an Easter Egg for The Last of Us.

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