Borderlands 2: Krieg the Psycho Meme: Silence the Voices

     After playing as the new playable character Krieg the Psycho, he is fun, then becomes a pain, then becomes fun as hell again.  He has numerous flaws in the programming- such as problems with Buzz Axe Bombardier, but once you get to a bottom tier skill...  DAMN he's fun.

     I've been having loads of fun with his Mania tree's ultimate skill "Release the Beast."  Transforming into a Badass Psycho Mutant and rampaging through hordes of enemies.  Although he has one really annoying problem with the Silence the Voices skill skill. (Melee Damage: +250%, Chance to Attack Self: 12%)  That is why I made this meme picture.

     The chance to attack self being 12%, but, but, BUT!!! once you use the Buzz Axe Rampage, and to be more specific, Release the Beast, while the "odds" are the same, he seems to frequently get stuck constantly hitting himself straight into "Fight for Your Life" mode.  It is super aggravating, especially considering the problems with the "Light the Fuse" skill- the small dynamite sticks, more often than not, do miniscule amounts of damage, generally resulting in death.

     As it is just occasionally cracking my own skull once in a while isn't bad, but the 3+ times back to back gets old REALLY fast when it happens 50% of the time.


  1. No shit I get so frustrated that I just quit playing sometimes, its a waste

  2. No doubt about it, this single issue kept me from finishing Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep with Krieg, I swapped characters and had no problems.