Borderlands 2: Designing Krieg the Psycho and Video Announcement

     Paul Hellquist, the Creative Director and Lead Designer on Borderlands 2, has put up some interesting stuff about how Gearbox crew made and put together the newest playable character here.
     Each day this week they'll be posting more stuff culminating in a video about how Krieg became a Vault Hunter on Friday.
     I like the idea of making skills that force you into action instead of running for cover.  I still find myself falling directly into "Fight for Your Life" or "Light the Fuse" modes right after activating the Buzz Axe Rampage skill.  Roughly 20% of the time I get the 12% chance to hit yourself Silence the Voices skill all at once, and Krieg hits himself 3+ times in a row and it sends me almost directly to a Hyperion New-U respawn station.
     Anyway, some good info for those that are interested in how they design and make things in the game.


  1. I've been playing through as Krieg for the past couple of weeks now and yes - he's awesome to play as. But he does spend a significant amount of time in "Fight For Your Life". To me, that's fine. But to other players, they're constantly seeing me fall and wondering if I need help.

    Then they see me still running around whipping TNT everywhere.

    Then blowing up.

    Then reviving from it.

    They're very confused.

    Then I'm down again...

    And then dead.

    Considering how often my Krieg has been through a New U station, I hope he doesn't have any children that he planned on opening a college fund for.

  2. I actually don't mind the fight for your life, it's the light the fuse that gets me, over half the time the dynamite deals insignifigant damage, and even enemies that are 10 levels below me aren't being killed.

    Online, I tell whoever joins me only to assist if I call out. If not DON'T worry if I die, occasionally my FFYL is instantaneous due to Hellfire skill tree glitches.

  3. Agreed; I was pretty disappointed by the lack of EXPLOSIVE power with the TNT. But then I learned that the TNT is used to simply weaken them and then you use the final explosion to finish them off. Tactics, man!

  4. I get the tactics, but it doesn't work when the "weakening power" does nothing to loaders and all the enemies run away. It's extremely useful when up against hordes of bandits, but grows into an impediment as the game progresses.
    Light the fuse is a huge problem (damn near useless) in areas where most the enemies are flying or armored. It could be a PS3 problem(IDK for sure) but many times I'll crit a guy with 3 of 7 dynamite sticks(all 7 directly hit) then they get caught in the blast at the end and I still die- against an enemy 4 LEVELS UNDER ME! WTF?!?
    That signals something is off.