The Wolverine: CinemaCon Trailer

     This new Wolverine trailer is looking slightly better than the last.  There are still moments that look over the top (the explosion in the field scenes), but it has a few redeeming parts.  For instance, I really like the new shots of the Silver Samurai.  In one shot his blade is glowing, and he appears to be the best part of this movie so far, and in another he is kicking some Wolverine ass (see pic above). 
     And the big awesome piece- the battle against the ninjas in the snow scene.  It could be done quite well.  Please let this be done right.

     There are plenty of potential problems already surfacing just from the clips I've seen, but I'll hold off on serious judgement unyil later.  It would take some major effort to be as bad as Origins was.  (One indicator being Mariko's striped hipster sleeves.  Really?  Uglkh.)

     Link to Trailer: http://youtu.be/skYPWMM9W1A

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