Call of Duty: Ghosts- A 6 second Vine "preview."

Here's the 1 second clip (picture)
     In 6 seconds we learn all we need to about the next Call of Duty release.  Honestly, ZERO seconds would be more than enough.  Some extra polygons, a handful more pixels, and roughly seven-hundred-thousand 13 year old idiots attempting to trash talk you while you shoot their faces off.  Nothing new.
     Link to the Vine video, because the embed isn't functioning properly:  https://vine.co/v/b9mjlbtxvgW

     The full reveal will be on May 21, and the game will be released o November 5th.

     This is a perfect example of milking a franchise until it bleeds.  More of the exact same crap with a few fancy new touch ups to graphics.  Hopefully they can do something none of the other major First Person Shooter games have done- give us a great story in addition to the unbelievably repetitive gameplay that hasn't changed in the 20 games from the entire last decade.

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