Borderlands 2: Krieg the Psyco: A Meat Bicycle for Two: Origin Story

     Geabox posted this nice little movie about Krieg's story on Pandora and his path to becoming a Vault Hunter.  Simple and effective. 
     The way he talks in his head versus what comes out is quite amazing, and I hope they add more dialog (including stuff for all the other playable characters) with new patches and updates.  I was wondering how they'd explain his intro to the others, because the main 4 got a series of ECHO tapes, and Gaige got a bunch of Twitter stuff.  The video is a great addition, like the Claptrap ones.  I would very much like more of these shorts.
     The way his mind is divided is handled wonderfully.  He is literally struggling with himself to communicate properly, and doing the right thing.  This is Borderlands humor at it's best.
    Also- his crush on Maya is awesome.

Because the embed feature seems to be blocked-
                  here's the link
     Watch it and enjoy fellow Vault Hunters.

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