X-men:Days of Future Past Full Trailer

     The full trailer has finally arrived, and I'm fairly impressed.  I can't say it has diminished my fears, as we know from previous movies like The Wolverine- trailers can be very deceiving. 

     My biggest question is how the X-men usurper Wolverine can be a time conduit for the 2 Xaviers to speak to each other when the adamantium skeleton prevented it in the first film?  Perhaps Magneto opens his skull up.  And if everything looks dilapidated in the future why are all the characters in nice and clean suits?  Where's all the battle damage and what-have-you? 
     Well, I'll wait and see if Bryan Singer can still hold his own as a director, and if the story will one worth watching.  Please, don't sink this franchise.


  1. Fear not, true believer! The dynamic duo that is Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen will ensure a glorious film!

  2. That didn't help X-Men: The Last Stand... although their combined awesomeness is reaching a peak magnitude, so maybe it'll help this film.