Captain America: The Winter Soldier: Full Trailer

     I was originally worried about the Winter Soldier looking kind of bad, but he turned out pretty badass.  Same goes for the Falcon- they updated his look very well.  And I see they've managed to wedge in Black Widow, hopefully the story of why will hold up as well.  Probably something to do with super spy stuff and the brainwashing of Mr. Barnes into becoming a ghost from Cap's past.  

     Well, color me impressed, this trailer has fulfilled my hopes and silenced my worries.

     Captain America: The Winter Soldier premieres on April 4, 2014


  1. I was pretty impressed by this trailer too, having had similar worries. It's looking pretty good :) Looks like Marvel's gone political action thriller this time, but retaining that witty humour that permeates their movies thus far. Speaking of which, really looking forward to Thor: Dark World right now.

    P.S. How you doing with Arkham Origins? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts in a review ;) I'm already cracking on with the scouring for Easter Eggs (or more aptly, Christmas Gifts) and have found one or two doozies (and, not wanting to sound big-headed **PUFFS OUT CHEST** one's that I've yet to see suggested on the main sites, beyond my own hinted messages) :)

  2. Yeah- I'm super pumped for the new Thor in just a few weeks!

    For Arkham Origins- I've been working and very sick so it got pushed back. I've only made it to unlocking the first Enigma tower.
    Although I'm almost finished with Arkham Origins Blackgate on PS Vita. It's pretty good but you really have to scour to find some hidden paths and there is an ABSURD amount of backtracking in it.
    Once Blackgate is finished I'll be spending a lot of time in Origins.