WB CEO "Needs" A Wonder Woman Film (and Wonder Woman Fan Trailer by Rainfall Films)

This is Cosplayer Meagan Marie's Pic. (By Chris Fink)

     Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara has been quoted saying,
“We need to get Wonder Woman on the big screen or TV.”
     He's also been quoted saying Warner Bros.' problem getting anything other than Superman and Batman to work in film and TV as a "missed opportunity."  Considering how he is highly supportive of Alfonso Cuaron's risky new film Gravity and how he was quite instrumental in getting J.K. Rowling to start a new Harry Potter spin off (according to her)- he knows his stuff- and is willing to take risks to achieve those moments of glory.

     Tsujihara has mentioned that the studio has "huge plans for a number of other DC Comics based properties on TV."  Hopefully his influence will be strong enough to lure in the proper talents to really give Wonder Woman the treatment she deserves.

     With the upcoming Superman / Batman film close on the horizon a possible Justice League film can't be far behind.  If they are truly wanting a JL movie they need to take a chance.  Not one that looked as awful as the young Princess Diana of Themyscira called Amazon that was canned by the CW.
     And with the WB-CW show Arrow and a soon to be Flash series, one could assume they have at least some idea of where to take this opening.  There is even both a Gotham and Constantine series' on the way, although with different networks if I recall.

     In my personal opinion, they need to aim for a slightly older audience.  Take the time to craft a heroine worth watching.  Don't rush it and end up with another Green Lantern.  They sought to make younger audiences the target- and it hurt the movie.  Too much reliance was put on looks and flashy special effects and the depth of character got left aside.  This sort of thing is detrimental because it lacks the staying power- that is why Christopher Nolan's Batman (Dark Knight) series is so well done, why it is so resonant with viewers- it focused on story and character first!  It gave us something that stuck in the mind.

     Now, with this recent fan trailer Wonder Woman by Rainfall films, I think that it is only average.  Gods help me, I'll catch a ton of flack for this, but three minutes of slow-motion jump-punches is not a story.  It surely isn't "proof" that a Wonder Woman film can be made.  It tells us nothing other than she can look cool and hit things dramatically.  It is however a much better start than the CW's Amazon was.  The fan trailer is definitely a step in the right direction.

     With a wealth of Greek Mythology to draw upon and a properly updated origin story, Wonder Woman has an immense potential to become a new female-lead driven film (or TV series).  Create a stable, well-written foundation to begin with and go from there.  Make a good film first, and the audiences will follow. 

     My recommendations would be to find an actual Greek woman that is slightly bulkier (like a dancer or athlete) and have her train with old Grecian specialists on warfare.  Authentic fighting, none of this slow motion Zack Snyder crap.  She should be both beautiful, and look like she could kick your ass, because she could kick your ass.  This is a woman that can easily go toe-to-toe in a battle with Superman, and match wits with Batman.  Keep the armor reminiscent of the one from the Rainfall video or the Meagan Marie cosplay, they work well.  AND NO F*CKING HEELS!  Diana must be grounded with enough plausibility to make the Greek mythology work, while maintaining her entry to and embrace of the modern world seem natural.

     I mean WB and DC certainly "missed an opportunity" all right when they let Joss Whedon go without getting to make a Wonder Woman film.  Now look at what Marvel has...
     ...So DC Comics and Warner Bros., don't screw this up.

     Also- Here are 2 previous WW fan films I dug out of my unposted blog archive.  Nothing extraordinary, but decent and worth a watch.

     1) First Impressions

     2) Wonder Woman Fan Film

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