Russell Brand Speaks About Politics- and I Like it!?!

     It isn't often that I can say I like what Mr. Brand is saying, but he has great points here.  There is a need for revolutionary change.  Too much greed and not enough responsibility from the super rich.  Where's the accountability?  We've become used to a system that doesn't work, but people scoff at suggested methods of diverting it.  Change needs to be incited, and this is a start- with people that recognize that simple fact and begin doing something about it.

     BBC Newsnight Full interview:  Jeremy Paxman and Russell Brand:

     I have voted every time there's been an election, and admittedly, I've regretted some of those votes.  It's true, we tend to see that regardless of who gets voted in it's the same crap being recycled over and over.  Change requires motion- all this political stagnation and complacence needs some people with a bit of power to come in and stir the pot.  Get things moving and hopefully momentum will carry it to more people, who will carry it to others and so on.

     I am looking forward to what he has to say about this in the future.  Change is not only necessary, but on the way.  I only hope that my generation can start shifting things for the better soon.

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