Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea - News and Fact From Myth Trailer

     Ever since Bioshock first released I've been infatuated with Andrew Ryan's submerged utopian city Rapture.  Bioshock Infinite's Colombia was a great place but something about the sunken and claustrophobic Rapture really caught my mind.

     Here's an interesting promo video: Fact From Myth

     With the upcoming Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea: Episode 1, we not only get to return, but we get to see it as a living, thriving place before the fall.  In addition many items will have the names reverted to their original Bioshock counterparts- Salts are Eve, Voxophone are Audiologs, and for the newer things like Kinetoscopes and Skyhook- they'll get new names Need-to-Know machines and the Air Grabber respectively.  This will apparently all be explained in the game, and I look forward to seeking these out.

     Answers to why many of the Bioshock's denizens had specific abilities will be given as well.  Such as why the Big Daddy's had giant drills and the reason why the Houdini Splicers had teleportation powers. 
     Although, despite injecting the Plasmids like in the original, we'll be drinking them like the Vigors of Infinite.  And of course, we'll get some new ones like Old Man Winter, a fan designed freezing power.

     It has also been noted that supplies won't be as easy to obtain.  There'll be a bit of a struggle to maintain enough, and Elizabeth won't toss too many extras.  This would signal a return in difficulty to that of Rapture.

     It is set for release, as Irrational Games has said, "before the Holiday Season," at $14.99 or as part of the Season Pass.  This will be the 2nd DLC after Clash in the Clouds, the non-story based pack of combat challenges.

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