TMNT: Out of the Shadows PS3 News Update (PSN)

     The Official Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows Facebook page by Red Fly Studios has released a small update about the Playstation 3's release:

Progress update on the PSN release:

1) The devs are still working ‘round the clock on this. We know the delay is frustrating, but we firmly believe that in the end, it will be worth it because the game will of a higher quality. Thanks for bearing with us.

2) Right now, our priority is on giving the developers the space they need to polish the game. That kind of work is very hard to estimate, so to give them flexibility, we're not going to announce a release date until we're 100% certain we can make it.

3) Several fans have written in to ask us about dates they received from clerks at their local retail outlets. We want to be clear on this point: we do not yet have an official release date for the PSN version, and no retailer has been given an official date, either.

Retailers often put placeholder dates into their systems with the intent of changing them once the game’s final release is confirmed. Unfortunately, this isn't always made clear to the clerks in the stores, and that's where the confusion starts. We’ve reached out to the retailers in question and asked them to clarify things with their clerks and customers where applicable. If you see anyone arguing over different dates they got from different people, please direct them to this post.

4) Once again, TMNT: Out of the Shadows is still coming to the Playstation Network.
While we don't yet have a date, we can say that we're pleased with the progress so far, and hope to have a date very soon. Thanks again for your patience, and we’ll bring you more news as soon as possible.

     While I am still a bit disappointed, especially because this news update only tells us that it is still on the way (with no release date in sight), it is better to wait for a completed, bug-free game for release.  What I really don't understand is how the game has been finished for two other systems and is getting updates and this isn't completed yet.  Could they be adding features, new playable character, or levels?  Perhaps challenge maps?  I really don't know.

     In the mean time I've been playing the PSN Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Re-Shelled, which is only available if you bought it when it was originally offered. 

     I might add that those of you with Nintendo 3DS's will be able to play Activision's TMNT game based on the Nickelodeon cartoon in a couple weeks on Oct. 22nd.


  1. No doubt about it, they do look very odd for this game. I wonder why, because many of the other characters look like their Nickelodeon counterparts, so why not the Turtles as well?

  2. from day one on which i got 2 copy's for xbox 360, it had nothing but gliches, and freezes, and more, but it was well worth playing.. (just hate the cartoon dialog, as well it repeats if you have to start again, and no new sayings, makes it quite annoying as well...

  3. There were massive bugs in the game, that's why. You just posted their message about the game being updated, and you still ask why it's taking so long? Are you that stupid? You want a buggy game, or do you want one that works? The one on PC worked flawlessly. The XBOX game was the one that had a ton of problems.

  4. First- thank you guys for commenting.

    The PC version wasn't flawless (Example (http://guide4games.com/fixes/teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-out-of-the-shadows-pc-crashes-crash-to-desktop-low-fps-launch-issue-errors-and-fixes)) and just because the Xbox version was massively buggy, doesn't necessarily mean the PS3 version would be as well. Besides, Red Fly is a relatively small studio, so maybe they have a bunch of workers allocated to patching the other versions, or working on other games completely, and thus delaying the unreleased TMNT.

    What I'm getting at is that what they posted on Facebook doesn't always mean that's the whole story- maybe there's bureaucratic problems- as Sony is notorious for making things difficult with rolls of red tape.

    Maybe they'll add features to this game, we just don't know. There may be a wide variety of things besides bug-and-glitch clean up that are taking up the extra time.

    It is of note that the August release date is something, if I recall correctly, Red Fly listed, not the vendors like it says in their post.(they also released a bunch of miscellaneous small things like avatars on that date)

    I also do say in the above post that, YES, it is better to wait for a completed game.

  5. Dude,, have you never seen a a turtle??? They have long necks that extend out of their shells. This is probably the most accurate portrayal of a mutated turtle.

  6. Hahahaha, true. You should look up the Michael Zulli TMNT "Soul's Winter." It was a very interesting 3 issue run from roughly 1990-91-ish.