The Daily Show: John Stewart and FOX News' "Bullsh*t Mountain" (Also Al Franken vs Renee Ellmer and Paychecks)

     I'm not going to lie, this is absolutely amazing.  FOX News tends to be quite blind in their idiocy, but this really takes the cake.  Sure, less government would be great, but shouldn't all those individuals saying it just quit?  Oh, wait... they have...  sort of, as they are still getting paid for all that not working they are doing.

     And on the subject of getting paid, I love the difference in views- in my own state, MN, Senator Al Franken (D) is donating all his salary to Second Harvest Heartland for the duration of the shutdown.  While the Republican NC Rep. Renee Ellmers will not let her pay go- "I need my paycheck. That’s the bottom line."

     Really?  She makes a base salary of $174K and her general surgeon husband makes (on average) $260K.  If the average federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour- that's, sorry my math skills are not up to par, almost $15,100 a year.  So adding her and her husband's yearly pay together and taking 25% off because they've got less than a quarter of the year left that's about $325.5K, which is only almost 22 times more than minimum wage.  How can they even live on that much!?!?  ONLY into the triple figures!  Must be some awfully rough living standards for the Ellmers.

     Funny that she is shutting many poorer, more in need families out of their jobs, but still wants to draw an income for her well off self.

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