Dark Souls 2: Beta Test Watch and Wish List.

Brok and the Moonlight Sword
     Because I was unable to procure myself entry into the Dark Souls 2 Beta testing, I'll be posting things I would like to see instead.  (I did watch roughly 3 hours of videos from Beta recordings and there is a ton of small things to see)

     Of course I would like the game to have the connective feel of the world map from Dark Souls, only on a much larger scale.  It was quite awesome how all the areas could be reached through different pathways.  It would also be nice to have plenty more hidden items and areas.  Places that aren't necessary to complete the game, but contain either story expansion or gameplay value (a decent weapon) worthy of the dangerous exploration that would it take to obtain them.
     A place like an small castle or a booby trapped tower that once served as a sorcerer's hideout.

     Since this is apparently taking place somewhere on another continent, away from Lordran, maybe we'll hear about familiar lands from the 2 predecessors.  Perhaps this game may even serve as the bridge itself, a game to connect the other two.

     Who wouldn't like a bit more story as well?  Even if it's small inscriptions on weapons found left lying around.  I would definitely appreciate more of this world's mythos.  Something akin to finding a trail of destruction left by an ancient lost hero's soul and piecing together their backstory by items left behind.

     Otherwise I only have a few things that I hope they squeeze into this game.

     1) "Trusty" Patches the Hyena.
Who isn't suspecting a visit from the tricky fellow that enjoys kicking people into trap and treasure filled pits?
     2) A Sword of Moonlight.

          A FromSoftware staple, a blade of moonlight.  I hope for a smaller sword this time.

     3) Solaire of Astora.

          "If only I could be so grossly incandescent!"

     4) Lore of the furtive Pygmy

          ... so easily forgotten.  Maybe they made their way to these lands.

     5) The Pendant.

          Seriously, what the hell does this thing do?

     A note on what I've been reading about the Beta- I keep hearing about people complaining about it "not being difficult" and that they expected it to be tougher.  Well, this is a Beta to test the servers and the odds that the game's released version will have ramped up difficulty is quite high.

     If it isn't however, we must remember that the invasions rate is going to be much higher now, and human players are generally more difficult.  On that note, I wouldn't mind a bit of an easier game because I play these for the intriguing story and world building, not because it's "hard."  As for story- it IS there, one just has to uncover the pieces and put the story together.  I don't have hundreds of hours to waste playing games like I used to.  While I normally wouldn't mind, I just don't have that extra time anymore.  Stupid responsibilities ruining my video gaming time.

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