All New Ghost Rider on the Way

     Coming this March it looks like a new Spirit of Vengeance is arriving in the Marvel Universe. 

     Eighteen year old high school student and lover of engines Robbie Reyes becomes the new vessel for the spirit when the villain Mr. Hyde shows up in L.A. selling a questionable new drug.  The series will be written by Filipe Smith and the art will be by Tradd Moore.

     Here's a small snippet from the Official Marvel News page:

Marvel.com: There's a new Spirit of Vengeance scorching up the streets. Who is this new Ghost Rider, and what sets them apart?

Felipe Smith: Our protagonist is Robbie Reyes, a quiet 18-year-old East Angelino with a short fuse, a passion for electronic music and a nearly unhealthy infatuation with absolutely anything powered by an engine.

His vehicle of choice, the automobile, very clearly sets him apart visually.

In comparison to his vengeance-seeking predecessors, he's very young and inexperienced in most aspects of life; but as the product of a harsh inner city upbringing, Robbie's street smarts, overall distrust for most people, and clear contempt for his violent surroundings make him the perfect host for a Spirit of Vengeance.

Once we get to know him, we also realize that he's a sweet, well-meaning person, something that may not sit well with the Spirit possessing him.

     I actually like the new take on Ghost Rider- an almost rebellious teen in a burning car.  What I don't appreciate so far is the look of the Rider.  He's too robotic.  Not even in the good Ghost Rider 2099 way either.  Reyes' skull appears a bit too clunky with it's harsh edging in the preliminary picture above.
     Regardless, I'll give it a try and see how it goes.

     I was always hoping they'd let a real horror writer take on the Ghost Rider.  So we still have to wait on that.  Maybe get a new movie with someone like Sam Rockwell to play Danny Ketch in a truly dark film.  Marvel needs to stop pulling punches.  They did the same thing with The Punisher and both Wolverine films. 
     Get down and dirty - we want the grit and noir, not some neon Hollywood crap.

Source [ Marvel ]

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