Borderlands 2: TK Baha's Bloody Harvest: Review, Easter Eggs, and Hints at Future Pack (Dr. Zed, Ned, and... Ted?)

     TK Baha's Mighty Quick Review...

     My favorite FPS game dropped another DLC this week.  The first in a series of "Headhunter Packs" and I can't say I'm disappointed.  For a mere 3 dollars I got about an hour worth of gameplay.  Being set in a Halloween themed small mission that our old friend TK Baha is sending us on- it feels a bit familiar, being a bite-sized combination of The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned and Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep.  Our zombie buddy is sending us to kill a pumpkin headed fiend bothering the townspeople, it's as simple a story as one can get.

     There were enough small things to keep me occupied including the new candy that drops and gives small boosts to various stats and the small Easter Eggs.  Granted I would've liked a bit more variety, maybe some wereskags and zombies from the Ned's Island for filler.  Honestly I can say that as a fairly large Borderlands fan, even though being about a fifth the price for much less than a fifth of the content of the other major DLC, this was still worth the money.  It's just enough to keep us coming back and interested while why they work on bigger and better things. 
     (More on that below at the Hints section)

     On to the Easter Egg Secret Boss...

    The hidden raid boss, Clark the Combusted Cryptkeeper actually requires finding some of the little eggs.  In one playtime you have to light the fires on 4 upright crypts.  To do this you need to do what the 4 crypts' tell you to-
  1. Open a door with the skull door (shoot the 6 red-orange glowing pumpkins).
  2. use the cauldron (throw in a gun, a grenade, and a shield).
  3. kill Jacques O'Lantern.
  4. Then find the 3 horror film tv sets. 
     The tv sets are playing little homages to horror- Poltergeist, The Ring, and I think the 3rd might be The Blair Witch Project.  Very nice small touch.

     A Hint for the Future...

     If you listen to all the things Mr. Baha talks about he questions you about Dr. Ned, and Dr. Zed, and ... Dr. Ted?  Then he mentions that he shouldn't have said anything about Ted. 
"Speaking of which, have you seen Zed, or Ned lately?  What about Ted?  OH, Ooohh!  Wait, I'm so sorry, we ain't supposed to talk about 'The Forbidden brother'."
     Nice.  Could it be a future DLC?  It's quite possible as Dr. Zed messing up is standard and creating a clone or something that we'll be sent in to kill in an upcoming Headhunter Pack sounds like easy material.  Or Ted could very well be the evil...er of the three and needs to be stopped.


  1. TK Baha's first name was Teddy (short for Theodore) according to his niece, and he got his prosthetic from Dr. Zed so he might well be Zed's brother somehow. Also Dr. Ned possibly possessed by Undead Ned or possibly just Dr. Zed with an altered name tag and fake mustache, (who can be sure?) brought TK back to life and left him in a replica of his house in Fyrestone.

  2. Very good catch there! That is an entirely plausible theory, and I actually like it a lot! It would explain why they "Don't talk about him." And he did make the Wave gun... so he does have a bit intellect behind him.