Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Collectionary

     Since the new IDW comic book series began and the new cartoon premiered my interest has been sparked to seeking out some Ninja Turtle related goodness.  It's not often I can come across a website that can really overwhelm me with wonderful Ninja Turtles nostalgia from my childhood, but The TMNT Collectionary really caught my eye.  As an avid fan and toy collector, there's a 100% chance I've spent far too much time reminiscing about toys I have had, and lost, while browsing these pages over the past week.

     For fans, new and old alike, this site has definitely got something you might be looking for- whether it's vintage TMNT action figures, the old Eastman and Laird comic books, or something related to the new Nickelodeon TV show- you'll find it here.  Even if you are just browsing the pages- it's well worth your time.

     If you have even the faintest of interest in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I would highly recommend you check out their site.  It is a positively staggering amount of stuff they have listed here.  Truly- it is unbelievable how much of the old memorabilia I had completely forgotten about and now want to re-obtain.  There's an absurd amount of things I didn't even know existed like TMNT bubble gum statues, curtains, and my favorite find so far- The TMNT Flushomatic Playset: The High-Tech Toilet Torture Trap!

     Personally, I'll be looking to buy one of the 2012 retro "Classic Collection Michelangelo" action figures by Playmates...  and a maybe a Casey Jones original figure...  and a Splinter...  and Slash... 




     ...and it looks like I'll be needing to put in extra work hours to pay for some of this stuff.

     They also have a pretty thorough Facebook page.  Check them out, very good stuff indeed.

     If you care to read anything else TMNT related that I've written click here: TMNT!

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