Wolverine 3: Old Man Logan... and Possibly X23

     It isn't a huge surprise to know that after Deadpool's recent box office destruction, that both the fast-tracked X-Force film and Wolverine sequel are potentially getting R ratings.  What is only slightly surprising, however, is the fact that the female Wolverine clone Laura "X-23" Kinney may have a role in the film.

     Personally, it just makes sense- keeping the Wolverine legacy going with a female in the lead is tantamount to a cinematic gold mine, and I've already mentioned in another post that I think they'll use her in the upcoming X-Force film, so it would make sense to begin her journey from her current namesake's last movie.  Just because Hugh Jackman's last film will be Wolverine 3, doesn't mean that Fox wants to let the franchise character go.

     I mean, I have a very strong feeling Marvel's "Phase 4" will be doing the same thing- eliminating the current generation and usurping their roles with younger people.  So we'll probably be seeing the diversity checklist that the Avengers has become as the next set of heroes and villains.  It could be quite good, but then again, it could also turn out horribly.  I'm crossing my fingers for the former.
     The X-Men are kind of already doing it with the original X-Men team and the First Class teams, then we'll be seeing X-Force and The New Mutants, so it's already kind of in the process.

     What genuinely surprises me a little is they aren't going the Daken route with this awesome segment about Wolverine wondering about his life as a failed father and then his tragic need to end the cycle he unintentionally created.  Back in 2013 I wrote:
     If they took the child he never knew he had.  The kid would be an absolute monster- enjoying all the killing and abusing his powers.  Following Wolverine around and wreaking havoc on anyone he comes in contact with.  In the end Wolverine would be forced to kill him.  If it was handled correctly the impact of the story could be immense.  A small intimate scale of personal, character driven plot.  Subtle, yet powerful.  Uncanny X-Force 34 did it very well with Daken imagining the ways life could've been different with a father around as he is dying at his father's hands. 
     While doubt the film will follow this path, I do think this tale could still work in part, but have X-23 helping Logan with the task of taking on the role of mentor or father figure.  It could be a tremendously moving story if handled correctly.  But, I am a bit worried that James Mangold is directing again, and it's being penned by relatively unknown David James Kelley

     I've ranted about it over, and over, and over, and OVER again- Fox needs to pull off the kiddie gloves.  Learn from the fan response to Deadpool.  Give us what we should've had years ago- a Wolverine story full of depth, blood, and gore.  Look at the best of his stories- Weapon X by the incomperable Barry Windsor-Smith, the Wolverine run by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller, or even the Old Man Logan series- they all deal with the inescapable nature of Logan's path as a killer.  If X23 is to join, make this every bit as emotionally impactful as the Daken scenes from Uncanny X-Force.

     During a FOX Marvel Comic Con panel last year (starting at 18:40) Hugh Jackman said, "When we haven't always got it right, you've told us," to the fans- well, this is the chance to fix that mistake.  It's about damn time to get this right.  Wolverine's motto has always been, "I'm the best there is at what I do, but what I do isn't very nice..."  Maybe it's finally time to show us this aspect of the character and truly unsheathe his claws with the famous berserker rage he is known for.  Push the limits of the character, make us believe that Wolverine really is the best there is.

     Wolverine 3 is set to hit theaters March 3rd, 2017.

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