Dark Souls 3: Launch Trailer, Pre-Game Thoughts, and Difficulty


     Let's start this with what many of you are here for- the epic launch trailer:

     There'll be many deaths in the process of lighting the bonfires.  Many, many deaths.


My character Old Ben from Dark Souls 2, in the Crown of the Sunken King DLC.
     Those that've read this blog long enough know that I've been a long fan of the series in the seven years since Demon's Souls first came out.  Through the good, the bad (the awful mobile tie-in), the memes, and even the wonderful humor courtesy other players.  Back in late 2013 I made a wish list for Dark Souls 2, and I kind of want the same things for the third installment.

     1) "Trusty" Patches (The Hyena).
Who isn't suspecting a new incarnation of the tricky fellow that enjoys kicking people into trap and treasure filled pits?
     2) A Sword of Moonlight.

          A FromSoftware staple, a blade of moonlight.  I hope for a smaller sword this time.
          I think a Moonlight Rapier would be more my style.

     3) Lore.
More lore.  Always with the mystery and search for what is really going on.
     4) A new Painted World of Ariamis
Obviously a world within a world is always a good thing in Dark Souls.
     FromSoftware has an amazing track record for great games, and this'll be no different.  My hopes burn as bright as the light of the Kiln of the First Flame.


     I've been seeing this debate going on and on and on, and personally, I wouldn't mind an easy mode, and for those of you that immediately want to reply with, "Get good," I'll have you know I Platinum Trophied Dark Souls.  It isn't that I can't do it, it's a matter of having the time to grind through versus wanting a more casual experience of the tremendous world-building in the universe FromSoftware has created.  I would enjoy a more exploratory journey where one wrong step didn't result in instant death, or going the wrong way might lead to an enemy far beyond the reach of early level players.


     Will we finally break the cycle of descent into the abyss or relight the firelink shrines and establish a new light in the world?  I'm going to try.  Over and over and over again in the path of life and death spinning as a wheel.

     It's time to summon assistance, praise the sun, and step through the fog gate- I'm prepared to die.

My Dark Souls character- Njeru.

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