The Legend of Zelda: The 30-Year Tribute: A 3D Browser Game!

     Two fans, Scott Lininger and Mike Magee, have made a very cool update to the classic The Legend of Zelda Nintendo game.  The Legend of Zelda: The 30-Year Tribute is made with voxels to create a stunning 3D version of the game and it is currently playable in browsers on either computer or mobile devices.*  

     With Nintendo's history of shutting down any sort of fan created work using their IPs, no matter how awesome, this may be shut down soon- so play it while you can.  Note- Nintendo is listed in the credits as being responsible for creating memories and magic!

     I always wonder why Nintendo doesn't start hiring these people to create the things we fans want.  It usually comes down to Nintendo wanting to make money from every damn thing they've done, and never sharing it with anyone else.  This tribute being based on one of its most beloved franchises will probably wind up being a huge red flag for it to be shut down.  Honestly, I think Nintendo should leave it, because it really wouldn't hurt their sales, and might generate more fan discussion while we wait for the new Legend of Zelda game to arrive on the Wii U later this year.

     TO PLAY [ The Legend of Zelda: The 30-Year Tribute ]

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*I've been playing this on my phone all morning and it is great. 
-I also forgot how much the river creatures look like Gyarados from Pokemon.

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