Marvel Future Fight: Captain America: Civil War Update & Thoughts

     Once again the amazing Marvel Future Fight mobile game has received a truly monstrous update.  This one as a large tie-in to the upcoming Captain America: Civil War film.

     We are getting a slew of new costumes (currently only for Team Cap, with the exception of Ant-Man, whose will be added soon along with Team Iron Man's).  There's also 3 new boss fight characters- Supergiant, Ebony Maw, and Thanos himself- have joined the battle, as well as one more playable character- Crossbones.
     The new costumes are a welcome addition, but I am unimpressed by Crossbones' play style so far.  He's got nothing interesting or new, but perhaps he'll grow on me.

     An added bonus is for this update there's a limited time event in which players can choose sides in the civil war and earn points in hopes of receiving some spoils and awards.  The Faction Battle is either Team Cap or Team Iron Man and has some nice back and forth as players get their points and time in.

     My one huge disappointment is that the Timelines PvP is still completely ridiculous and horribly imbalanced.  How has this remained a staple to play for daily achievements and also largely left to be a broken mess?  Either eliminate the daily mission, or fix the match ups.

     Overall, things are continuously improving with plenty of things to keep players engaged and happy, it's just that nagging PvP area that is causing problems.  Although... the equipment areas- namely the cards and the highly irritating upgrading system are kind of terrible. What's the point of upgrading items you like if they change into a random different item?!?  I was super angry my +48% burn damage boost became a Speed resist item.  Seriously Netmarble, that is a terrible idea.  If it's a gamble on what you get out of upgrading valuable items, then upgrading is something we won't necessarily want to do.

     For the full update info [ Marvel Future Fight Official ]

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