Nintendo: E3, Wii U, and Zelda vs The Players


     It's been two years since the original announcement for The Legend of Zelda for Wii U and we now get some more disappointing news for it.  Nintendo has let it be known today that it will be delayed another whole year, until March 2017, to coincide with the release of their new system code named NX.

     This has been rumored for a while now that this would probably be happening, and honestly it feels like Nintendo just screwed over the Wii U supporters as a whole.  Because their new system is supposed to be "The next generation of Nintendo" we can assume the new system to be superior in every way to the current Wii U, which would make us then ask, "Why even bother playing The Legend of Zelda on the old system?"  It would make much more sense to play it on the newer system, with the newer and better hardware, and presumably a much better all-around experience to go along with it.

     The Wii U hasn't been great at anything, and is quite a huge disappointment overall.  Where's all the 3rd party support?  Even when it comes to their first-party games the system has been a massive letdown.  All the once great Nintendo franchises have been relatively lackluster or missing completely.  And now that the one game that could revitalize interest in the system and boost sales comes along, it'll be used instead as a flagship launch title for another system entirely.

     And to top it off, this new Legend of Zelda will be the sole focus of Nintendo at E3.  What a wonderful way to place your one EGG in a singular basket and simultaneously shit on your customers in the mean time.

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