The Punisher: Netflix Daredevil Spin-Off Series & Thoughts

     Hell's Kitchen is about to lose a lot more criminals soon, because according to Entertainment Weekly, Netflix and Marvel's team up has now officially announced a Punisher series.  Vigilante Frank Castle will be bringing his unique and bloody justice to the streets in his very own series.

     After his run as The Punisher, Jon Bernthal has made such an impact that the creators and fans want more.  Steve Lightfoot (Hannibal) will serve as showrunner, being both writer and executive producer for the show.  Hopefully it can compete with how perfectly they handled Frank Castle from Daredevil season 2.

         I've written before about how they should handle the Punisher, and Marvel/Netflix did not disappoint.  Now that the origin has been handled, it's time to ramp up the tension and story.  I want to see a Martin Scorsese level of quality Punisher tale.  It needs the depth of Goodfellas, and the genius underlying The Departed.  We want crime, corruption, and violence.  We want dark and gritty and cerebral.  We want a Punisher worth our time, and I completely believe it can happen.

     I'm also still pulling for Terry Crews to play Barracuda.  I've been saying this for years, oddly enough, since I saw him on the Damon Wayans show My Wife and Kids.  It'd be a perfect chance for him to keep his upbeat and positive nature, but flipped on its head and used as a focus for a villain that is rarely seen in any media.  And maybe even give one-time Punisher actor Dolph Lundgren a cameo as the toughened albino Tombstone...

     Source [ Entertainment Weekly ]

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