Ghostbusters: Ecto Cooler Returning to Store Shelves May 30th!

     Fan campaigns to bring it back combined with hype for the new Ghostbusters movie has persuaded the Coca-Cola company to re-issue the delicious Hi-C Ecto Coolers!

     Way back in 1987 the slime colored citrus beverage was made as a tie-in to The Real Ghostbusters cartoon, and actually ran far longer than the show.  It made it all the way to 2001.

     Of course, the appeal of the magical color of green means it'll be a guaranteed money-making tie-in for the new film.  Beginning on May 30th, Slimer's ooze-juice will be available for a limited time in either packs of 6oz. boxes or in 11.5oz. cans- all set to haunt our digestive tracks with nostalgic goodness.

     Ghostbusters is set to hit theaters July 15th.

     Source [ Hi-C Ecto Cooler ]

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