The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Will Feature PewDiePie & Sean Murray

     CBS has been scheduling a lot of awesomeness in general for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, but there are two upcoming guests that are notable for the gamer community.

     It's good to see the gaming community is getting more coverage after the Jimmy Kimmel poked fun at Let's Play gaming, which was handled well afterwards.  Jimmy Fallon has a week every summer dedicated to gaming, and Conan O'Brien posts his wonderful Clueless Gamer videos that are always entertaining.

On Thursday, Oct. 1: 
Stephen Colbert will have an interview with and demonstration by famed YouTuber Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg.  One may guess that it may have something to do with his game, Legend of the Brofist, which arrives tomorrow on iOS and Android devices.  Considering he is the first person to crack the 10 BILLION mark, this makes sense.
On Friday, Oct. 2
Following a visit from God-slash-actor Morgan Freeman, Hello Games founder Sean Murray will be visiting for an interview and demonstration, presumably for the highly anticipated upcoming No Man's Sky.
     I am particularly interested in Sean Murray's segment.  He originally caught my attention with what I believe has been the best E3 presentation speech ever at the E3 2014 Playstation Press conference.  It contained a moving sincerity that isn't seen too often in the games conferences, and was a genuine delight to watch.

     I've transcribed the speech below for those of you that might be interested, as well as included links for those that want to see it.

     Sean Murray Hello Games' Founder:
     Thank you, feeling a lot of emotions right now. 
    I'm Sean, I'm from Hello Games.  We're a tiny little indie studio.  We're a group of friends making No Man's Sky.  It's a science fiction game.  I guess inspired by the kind of sci-fi I grew up with.  The battered book covers of Heinlein, Asimov, Clarke- just worlds that I wanted to escape to but never could. 
     We've created a procedural universe, it's infinite, and it's one that everyone can share. 
     We're going to start every player on a different planet, so no two people will have the same experience. 
     This universe we've created is so vast, it's so boundless, it's actually infinite, and we don't even know what's out there.  When the game releases, every player who picks up a pad and plays is going to help us discover a little bit more... 
     ...and I can't wait. 
     I want to finish with just a tiny taste of what your own unique journey into infinity might look like.  Hope you like it.
     To see it click the video link and he starts at 1:20:00-
          Playstation E3 Pess Conference 2014 ]

     For his PS Blog post Playstation Blog ]

     The Late Show with Stephen Colbert airs Mon-Fri, 11:35 PM-12:37 AM, ET/PT

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