MicRogue: MicReview (Android)

     Crescent Moon Games have brought to us a very nice free-to-play game called MicRogue.  It has no IAPs and infrequent, but excessively lengthy, ads.

     MicRogue combines the random generated level elements of a rogue-like game with a turn-based puzzle-strategy game that works much like chess does by taking turns.  Learning how to play is simple, it takes no time to figure out how each new enemy works and how to counteract their abilities, or use their abilities to kill other creatures.  Each enemy piece has their own type of  movements, such as skeletons move diagonally, beholders swap positions with you, Yetis freeze things, and so on.  Players can even align things to have enemies take each other out, or lure them onto traps.

     The goal of the game is to ascend the tower floor by floor, retrieve the treasure and escape from a dragon on the way back down.  If you die, you start all over on floor 1.  Because the floors are only a single screen the game is very fast paced.  And the pixelated art style is very befitting of the nature of MicRogue- a highly condensed retro pocket-adventure hearkening back to the old RPGs of yesteryear.

     A small IAP would be nice to wipe out the ads, and maybe add a stat tracker to see how many floors you've played, how many monsters (and what kinds) you've slain, and how many times you've died or fell prey to traps.  [ UPDATE: Crescent Moon Games have confirmed that they ARE working on a premium version of the game to eliminate ads. ]

     I hope they add more levels or some expansions because there isn't a whole lot here, but what they do have offers great bite-sized replayability.  Maybe add actual dungeon levels, or a side quest or something- a micro-DLC to expand this great little game.

     MicRogue is an ingeniously thought out and compact game that is ultra simple as well as extremely fun to play.  It really is a wonderful dungeon-crawling, chess-like puzzle-strategy game that is both challenging and accessible to anyone.

     MicRogue is currently free-to-play on [ Google Play ]

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