Gravity Duck Sequel "Islands": Coming Soon!

     Ravenous Games has a history of making great small games- from their Random Heroes and League of Evil series' to the Devious Dungeons up to their newest release Infestor- they have become known for quality games for mobile devices.

     This newest announcement is a sequel to Gravity Duck, subtitled Islands.  In the new game players take Gravity Duck on an adventure across 4 different islands, each granting you a different ability, expanding on the gravity flipping of the first installment.  Players can look forward to a multitude of puzzle-solving goodness.

Each island has a unique ability: Jump, Float, Teleport, and Phase.
     No set release date has been given, Gravity Duck: Islands is "Coming Soon."
     It also has not been announced whether it'll be available for iOS, Android, or both.

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