Behemoth's Game 4: Pit People Trailer & First 20 Minutes!

     Ever since Castle Crashers, because I missed out on Alien Hominid the first time around, The Behemoth's games have kept my attention.  They have a unique style to their games, and an ample supply of humor to match.  Their newest game, formerly known under the working title of "Game 4" is now officially titled Pit People.

     And here is the trailer in all its glory:

     But, since a mere minute-and-a-half isn't nearly enough to sate the hunger of fans, here's over 20 minutes of game footage they put up as well:

     The Behemoth's take on turn-based strategy looks both entertaining and challenging.

     Pit People will be coming to XBox One and Steam. (No release date has been given)

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