Josh News: A Sad & Terrible Morning: One of My Pets Unexpectedly Died Overnight

     This morning I woke up to an awful sight.  My birds were screeching, fluttering, and acting strange and when I went down to find out what happened, Albert was laying face down on the bottom of the cage.  She had died some time in the night.  It was completely unexpected.  No signs, no warnings, no nothing.

Albert on right, Meira on left.
     Albert hadn't been acting weird or anything, and I know that birds tend to hide their illnesses, but this was so abrupt.  Seriously, just yesterday she was doing great.  What a depressing way to wake up.  I've never taken pet deaths well, and this does hurt.  I'm just glad the other 3 birds are all right.
     Poor Meira, Albert's cage mate, is singing a sad soft song, and it makes me feel bad.

     Rest in peace Albert, hopefully you are now with founding Team Peeper Keeper member George off in Bird Heaven.  You will be missed.

RIP, Little Alberta

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