Pokemon GO: Augmented Reality For Real Life Adventures in the Tall Grass!

     Nintendo recently announced a move towards more mobile gaming, and along with The Pokemon Group and developer Niantic have brought us this great idea for adapting the bazillion dollar franchise to iOS and Android devices sometime in 2016.

     The augmented reality of the game is that players will now be able to see and capture Pokemon in the real world through their phones and GPS.  They'll be able to battle, trade, and collect them all.

     Another addition will be a Nintendo manufactured Bluetooth device called the Pokemon GO Plus.  It is a watch like device that will alert players to nearby Pokemon and allows for a simple button-pressing catching ability.

     Pokemon GO will be free-to-play with IAPs.

     Hopefully they don't monetize pokeballs.  I'll go poor trying to capture all the Squirtles.

     Source [ Pokemon ]

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