Josh News Update: Poetry City, USA

     Just a small update here, today is my last official day as an intern editor for Poetry City, USA. It was a great experience and I got to read a ton of poems and meet a truly ludicrous number of highly talented poets. The finished project, Poetry City, USA Vol 5 will be debuting at the Twin Cities Book Festival.

Looky at the cover pic I took! 
     The day long Twin Cities Book Festival is a free event located at the Minnesota State Fair grounds on October 17th, from 10am to 5pm. I would recommend anyone that enjoys books or writing to swing through.
     Previous volumes are available via Amazon for anyone interested, and I'll update the blog when the new product is available.

     [ UPDATE ] Here is the link to Amazon for Poetry City, Vol. 5.
          (Disclaimer- I do NOT make any money off of this)

     As for my own prose on poetry piece in the journal, my favorite part was cut. It makes sense as the journal can only be so long. It went from 4 pages to 2 pages, and then down to a single page. No worries though, I'll find another use for it. Here is that small clip from what was cut:
     "Some poetry can be experimental, taking strange and new approaches- a Jackson Pollack filling a shotgun and splattering words across a canvas.  Some find form to be the perfect way to go- like Michelangelo carving the image out of a block of marble.  Did he do the same for his poetry?  Chiseling a massive dictionary down, page by page, to just the right words befitting the ideal piece of work it contained within."
     I really liked the imagery, and honestly, it's how I work when writing- as my background is primarily in the visual arts like painting, drawing, and graphic design. It was the only part of my piece I really, really liked, it stayed in from the very first draft all the way up until the last draft. Although, I'm already working on another piece for a small work of my own with this particular chunk so maybe it'll see print one day in a chapbook or something.

     Seriously, there were so many amazing submissions, it would've been great to print them all.

     Official Site [ Poetry City, USA ]  [ Facebook Page ]

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