Age of Zombies: Quick Review (Android)

     Halfbrick Studios' hero Barry Steakfries returns in this semi-sequel to Monster Dash and Jetpack Joyride.  Steakfries is an 80's hero born in the wrong era, but in this game he finds his niche- through time travel.  After encountering his arch nemesis Professor Brains, he ends up  jumping through a portal through time.

     Age of Zombies is a nice little twin-stick shooter tossing players through time to slay hordes of zombies and undead creatures with a handful of various weaponry.  Each level has 3 stages and is themed, such as the prehistoric times including a zombie Tyrannosaurus Rex as a boss fight.  There's also Ancient Egypt, Ancient Japan, gangster infested 1930's, and "The Future."
     Though the campaign is short, even including the extra levels, the issue is slightly lightened by the addition of a horde mode, multiplayer, leaderboards to keep players going.  It isn't much, but enough to eat a 5 minute downtime and enjoy a couple chuckles while doing so.

     Halfbrick has used a surprisingly precise set of virtual controls, they are tight and responsive, everything feels extremely smooth.  The sounds and music are only average, but the art and animation is perfect for the nature of the game.

     The story is campy, and Steakfries comes across as a Duke Nukem wannabe written by a teenager, with his repeated swearing and crude jokes, but damn it, I still laughed anyway.  Age of Zombies is short and as to the point as one of Steakfries' own one liners, offering adequate action and absurdity for a couple hours of your time.

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