Heroes Reborn: Premieres Tonight!!!

     Anyone that has followed this blog for a very, very long time would know that I began this blog with a large number of horribly formatted, and frankly, very poorly written Heroes posts back in 2008.  I thought the first season was absolutely amazing and I made sure to watch every episode all the way through the long downhill slide into its cancellation, commenting and posting most of the way.  It was like watching a friend slowly dissolve before my eyes.

     Many, including myself, are hopeful now because series creator Tim Kring is back on board, and also because the series is a limited one.  So there should be no strung out, never ending story lines and no filler episodes.  There should be no room for anything to really waste our time or dilute the show.  With a definitive beginning and end the show now must adhere to an economy of footage and to really make it count.

     Though, to be honest, my hopeful attitude is very hesitant.  If you've looked through my old posts about the Heroes universe they are rife with letdown.  I had hopes and ideas far too large for the show.  So, in the mean time, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that this series recaptures the magic of the first season.  The later seasons did have a few really good episodes like the "Shades of Gray" and "1961," but they were few and far between, and I hope they really hit those high notes again.

     I still have a "Five Years Gone" Hiro Nakamura action figure pinned to my wall, as well as a slew of trading cards, comics, and a stack of the official Heroes magazine.  It would be awesome for the show to be amazing once more.

     On a side note- I'll also try and get a review of the Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters the digital prequel to Reborn up sometime in the next couple days as well.  I got the Heroes app on my phone a long while back with the exclusive episodes, although I see they've been adding them to the Heroes Youtube channel recently for those without the app, so I suppose I should finish the review and post it soon.

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