Little Ghostbusters: Tiny Mobile Game Review (Android)

     I came across this small gem looking for some good Ghostbusters games for my phone.  Little Ghostbusters is a kind of reduced version of the old Sega Genesis Ghostbusters action-platformer game- shrinking it down to a fixed-shooter for the mobile

     Players choose one of the 3 original film Ghostbusters (Venkman, Stantz, and Spengler- but oddly no Zeddemore which is quite disappointing), each with their own type of blaster.  Sadly, the Proton Packs and Neutrino Wand streams are missing.  Each level is in a single room with ghosts flying across the screen.  Players must simply zap as many ghosts as they can while avoiding falling obstacles.  At the same time power ups, rare and valuable hearts, and money (score bonuses) drop to assist in your ghost capturing quest.  That is really the whole extent of the game.

     It is really a very basic game like Galaga or Space Invaders, but it doesn't need much more.  Really, outside of adding Zeddemore as a character, the only additional thing I'd change is to add a continue feature.  Each player only gets 3 hits and dies (slimed!) and you have to start completely over.  It gets very frustrating in the later parts of the game when the screen is pure bombardment and there's no way to avoid getting hit.  Otherwise it's a nice pocket-sized fixed-shooter game.

     Little Ghostbusters has solid graphics, smooth animations and gameplay, good sounds, and a nice synthesized version of the theme music, so it isn't much, but it's still a fun time waster for either fans of the franchise or fixed-shooters.

     Check it out free on Google Play [ Little Ghostbusters ]

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