Playstation 4 (PS4) Unveiling 2 Days (Orbis)

     In just a couple days (February 20th) we'll be hopefully be seeing the full specs and a slew of games announced for the next Sony console.
     After hearing many of the rumors and seeing the potential controller layout, here's a quick bit on how I think the PS4 will land: 

My predictions:

1)  It'll be an implant in the brain, that sends audio and visual output directly into the brain and projects images into your visual cortex.  It appears as whatever your screen settings are and filling your full range of vision, in a vitual reality type of view.  Full player immersion. 

2)  Thought-sensitive controls.  You think it, it happens, that's how it works for controls.

3)  DRM games.  The DRM is set to your DNA only.  A genetic code based lockout.  Good luck lending these to friends or reselling to Gamestop when you get stuck with the next game like Gearbox's Aliens: Colonial Marines pile of crap.

     Ok, in the "long run" this is how gaming may end up way down the line.  Probably not yet though.

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