Invincible Issue 100

     As the only comic I am still reading on a monthly basis, I had slightly higher hopes for this milestone issue.  Don't get me wrong- it's still good, but as the 3rd part of a story arc it feels like a small letdown. 

     With the massive stakes set up in the last couple issues, and the global death toll ultra high, I was expecting a bit more than a talk fight.  While it is a sound argument Mark makes to Dinosaurus, and towards himself,- Dinosaurus being an intellectual- it plays out well.  Dinosaurus could've done so much, but realized he'd continue to jeopardize lives on a grand scale to perpetuate life on the whole.  Even if he would try to do good, he would at some point to wrong to accomplish those goals. 
     Dinosaurus' death (being the advertised and hyped cover death) could've been handled much better.  Like shifting back to his weak human state first- a sign of just voluntarily letting himself go.  It felt too much like the Ultimate X-men 41 issue with Wolverine walking out of a cave after killing an unnamed boy who's power manifested and killed anyone within a certain range of himself.(Wolverine's healing factor negated this effect)  Suicide seems out of character for Dinosaurus, and I don't see why he couldn't have been shifted to another planet or universe.
     Which brings me to my favorite moment- Angstrom Levy, a man that always returns, even after death.  I find it super hilarious how he teleports into this realm and he appears underwater- completely taken off guard by the flooding.  Then the absolute disappointment on his face upon finding out that "Invincible is dead" is such a great moment.
     Mark's "death" seems to be a cheap tactic- he was given an amazing opportunity of being "dead" to free him up to do any number of things, but as soon as Dinosaurus is gone, he's back to...
     ...Invincible under the thumb of Cecil Stedman of the Global Defense Agency after realizing, again, that maybe he doesn't know best.  Maybe he should think ahead a bit more, to actually grow the hell up.  It's better than super prison for being part of mass murder.  Perhaps grow a sweet moustache like many of his Viltrumite brethren.
     The whole time Mark was with Dinosaurus the Guardian's of the Globe were cleaning up the mess made by the flooding and getting things back on track. 
     Atom Eve is pregnant.  Again.
     Status quos are returning to what's been done before, and I'll continue to read to see what paths the players will take on this go around.

     Invincible remains the only comic I am still going to be reading on a monthly basis.

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