Aliens: Colonial Marines: GAME OVER MAN!

     After playing a bunch more, I've come to note that while this is NOT a good game, by any means, it is an enjoyable game, by me- at least.  I find myself at odds- on one hand I want to enjoy it.  I love the Aliens franchise, even Aliens 3, 4 and Prometheus, despite the massive problems found within them.  Then on the other hand all the games downsides make it very difficult to continue liking it.*
Is it "GAME OVER" Gearbox???
       I hope Gearbox comes out and fixes this game. I'll give them a chance.  They need to take care of the fans outside of their money maker Borderlands franchise. It's getting tiring when even Borderlands 2's DLCs are being put out at sub-par levels.   Lackluster add-ons, on top of Duke Nukem Flub-ever, and now this seeming Aliens failure- will this mean GAME OVER MAN for their many of Gearbox's supporters???

     As I said yesterday:
     When it comes down to it, a whole game cannot be patched, and soon we consumers will find out if Gearbox can "patch" their credibility. I'm eagerly waiting to hear what Mr. Randy Pitchford will be saying about this Aliens controversy, as I'm still hopeful something good may come out of it. 

     *So many flaws...  Really, I've had to restart checkpoints far to often due to my character being stuck what appears to be absolutely nothing.  There's been countless times of enemies being lodged in walls and doorways.  A minimum of 5 times I got killed by a xenomorph that was NOWHERE on screen and definitely not on the motion tracker. 
     The Weyland-Yutani soldiers have a tendency to shoot through walls while you're in another area and magically one one shot me from across a room full of path blocking obstacles.  Hell, I've run into an area where the xenomorphs continually spawned until I completely ran out of ammo and subsequently became overwhelmed and died.
     I truly believe with a large patch this game could be a lot more fun.  Make the damage system fairer.  I'm sick of being killed by one swipe from a xeno when I have full health and armor\shields.  The Weyland-Yutani marksmanship needs to be levelled out a bit as well.  Why can they one shot me, but I can empty a shotgun clip into their face and they're still not dead?
     Should I even mention how useless all the other marines are?  Mostly they just get in the way, so I find myself using them for cover and as a short of make-shift shield while in combat by sliding around behind them.  It works occasionally because all the Xenomorphs tend to target ONLY the player and ignore all the other marines.

     Although I must say, once again, I love the pulse thump sound on the motion tracker.  I'll continue playing and attempting to renew my love of Gearbox and what they've done to this beloved franchise.

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