Borderlands 2: News- Level Cap Raise

     Here's another piece of news on the raise in level cap for Borderlands 2.  Mr Randy Pitchford tweets again!!!
     It's not much, but it IS something.  So he mentions something is actually being WORKED ON, not just planned.  Predictably, we'll probably be paying for it- as it is "in addition" to the  campaign's current season pass.  Let's hope there is a 2nd season pass, and plenty more DLCs- Gearbox has to make up for the horrible Aliens: Colonial Marines fiasco, and I will be getting whatever DLC is put out for this game as it comes even though my interest is waining.   
     There are plenty of fans still awaiting what is to come for the Borderlands saga.

     PS: After beating Aliens Colonial Marines I have to say that Gearbox should be funneling a decent amount of funds into fixing that game.  It's playable, at least in single player, but it needs TONS of work.  The multiplayer is just awful- stuttering gameplay, players randomly disappearing, completely random deaths without cause.  It is just horrendous.  Please fix this Gearbox.  I would love to enjoy it, but the game itself is fighting against me.

UPDATE: A fellow over on the Gearbox forums has summed up some of my thoughts on this "announcement" quite well-
"i've been saying it for months now the first season pass was grossly misrepresentation of what the actual end product was. 4 DLC's the same size and quality of Knoxx, yet we got none of the things most gamers wanted, and instead those things will be included in additional content that we'll have to buy.

i'm sure if we were told up front no level cap increase, no additional bank spaces, short DLC's, nobody would have bought the season pass. Oh except the people who think if they dare say something bad it'll hurt someone's feelings. Well personally I'm offended by the fact that the DLC's I was promised were short changed on me.

No mention the DLC's were being outsourced, no mention the DLC's weren't going to include level and or inventory increases, no mention that one of the DLC's would barely pass the 2 hour mark in terms of total completion.

i'm sure this message will get marked because god forbid you mention being disappointed about paying for something beforehand. Also before people say it, I have zero issues paying for the content, which is why I purchased the Season pass in the first place. I do have a problem with being promised Diamonds and getting cubic zirconia."  -Orge Lambart
     This is VERY true. Gearbox made a bunch of highly exaggerated claims about the DLCs, and none of the claims lives up to those promises. The only way they could please the gamers that are desperately hoping Gearbox redeems themselves is if the 4th DLC is absolutely massive. It would have to implement all the things we've been promised and then add an extra 10% of unexpected, but awesome, additions as well.  We need to be wowed after all these mediocre releases.  (Granted I have enjoyed them (Hammerlock's Hunt and Mr. Torgue's at least.  Torgue's has been the best so far), but they were super short.  And Scarlett's was just -Meh.)
     In my experience, the continued dashed hopes leaves my interest lagging.  I'm sick of hearing we're going to be getting these GRAND ADD-ONS, and fail to receive them. 

     PPS: So if Gearbox barely did anything on Aliens: Colonial Marines, and the Borderlands 2 DLCs were farmed out, shouldn't the one DLC they ARE working on be mind blowing?  And shouldn't they have had the foresight to fix the potential problems of "game breaking" level cap additions... oh... I don't know... when they made the Trophy/Achievement for being "Capped Out... for now"!?!

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