Dead Space 3: A Valentine's Sonnet for Facebook

     Dead Space 3 is having some Valentine's poetry stuff over on Facebook, and here's what I'm going to contribute-

How do I kill thee? Let me count the ways.
I kill thee with ripper blade and plasma core
Kinesis can pull, limb from socket tore
For the undead Necromorphs give us chase
I kill thee and revel in every way's
most bloody deed, by gun and laser sight
I kill thee freely, stalkers thrive at night
I kill thee surely, wasters rise from graves
I kill thee- a mission I didn't choose
In old beliefs, Unitology's faith
I kill thee- with double bolas set loose
The Marker's lies, I kill thee with stasis,
circuits, pulse rifle, and planet cracker
I shall kill thee once again after death

     It's been super busy at work so this is all I could do in such a short time, and the I couldn't get stasis to rhyme with death, but - oh well- it's good enough for now.


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  2. Thank you for the comment!

    True about the structured entertainment and educational use. It does take work to make, but primarily on the production end of things.