Borderlands 2: Level Cap Delayed

     Yesterday Randy Pitchford answered a bunch of questions including this particular one about the Borderlands 2 level cap being raised.
     I totally understand his responses.  Many people on the forums want everything RIGHT NOW!  That is also understandable as I've got 3 level 50 characters and 2 more almost there (and a slew of them in between 9 and 35) but you know what- Gearbox has a great looking game out in just a few days- Aliens: Colonial Marines.  I'm rushing through Dead Space 3 just to make extra time for Aliens.  That'll keep me occupied while I eagerly await the new Borderlands 2 add-ons and DLC.

     Anyway- back to topic.  Sure we were supposed to be getting the raise in level cap in the first quarter of this year- but complications arise in a game of this size.  Hell, my Gaige's Deathtrap still constantly refills enemies shields when I'm nearly dead and desperately require a second wind.  For my Zer0's- no matter how many points into Innervate and F0ll0wthr0ugh I have, he never seems to get the movement speed boost.  What the heck?  So considering the fact Gearbox/Pitchford mentioned the possibility of adding 3rd playtrough, there are MANY things that would required more time to get the kinks out of.  Personally, I'd rather wait for a better system and a bug-free raise than one that would need months of wait time for a patch.  Think about the problems of characters like Zer0 getting a full Cunning AND full Bloodshed skill tree.  If the Kunai reset with every Many Must Fall kill, he'd be damn near impossible to kill with the right loadouts.  A BFF/Anarchy Gaige, Axton with nuke boosted Gemini turrets, and think of a dual skill tree Maya.  Overpowered is too pitiful a word for that.  It stands to reason they'd need to find a better way of working a level cap in.  That balance will take time.  Hopefully it'll be finished before the new estimated release of "this year."

     Besides we're all waiting for the Massive Expansion due before July.  Level cap or not, many of us will be enjoying the play while we work on getting our Badass Ranks up.  The way things are looking, I'd pose a guess that there will be more DLC on the way after the 4th expansion- including the 6th playable character that's been mentioned.  Rumors abound, and by the looks of it there could be more in store for the patient players.

     PS:  PLEASE Gearbox give us a massive storage vault and bank.  We had one prevously and were promised we needn't worry about storage.  Is there a way to make a "character save" for a bank/vault that would give us the necessary space?  There are plenty of guns or things I find for other characters and just don't have the room for.

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