Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance: Ridiculous, But Fun

     I started playing Metal Gear Rising: Redonk-u-litis last night.  This game is all about looking good and flexing absurdly large cybernetic muscles in a heavily anime influenced manner.  I can only describe it as Metal Gear Manga.  All the cinematics are brightly colored and super dynamic.  Everything is over-the-top to an almost silly degree. 
     Honestly, this is a beautiful game, and an absolute blast to play, but somehow it doesn't retain the feel of a Metal Gear title.  It feels like more akin to Dynasty Warriors on Zan-Datsu derived steroids.  And you know what, I have no real complaints.  It's all in good fun.
     I love that we finally get Raiden and his sword fighting.  I mean we've been waiting for it since Metal Gear Solid 2 way back in 2001, and it was definitely worth the wait.  This game is unmatched with the sword fighting- the new "Sword Mode" slow motion mechanic is a wonder to use.  I found myself searching for random items in the environment to practice my technique on just for fun.  Trees, fences, and some guy's couch all fell into sliver sized pieces while I laughed maniacally.  Absolutely NO complaints here. 
     As I mentioned earlier- this doesn't feel like a Metal Gear game.  It is completely different style, but in a good way and I would recommend people give it a try if they are a fan of action oriented games like Platinum Games' previous release- Bayonetta.  
     I do wonder what may have come of this if Hideo Kojima kept the game with "Gray Fox" Frank Jaeger as the main protagonist as he originally intended?  He is a great character and could be used to great effect.  Granted, the story would be limited in time periods to earlier Metal Gear lore.  Deaths put quite a hindrance on when things can occur in storytelling.  I also kind of wish that when using the Gray Fox suit in game, we weren't the overly bulky Raiden re-skinned.  I want a slim and swift ninja, not a thick body builder.  If most of the cyborgs are built with robotic components, they don't have to be "muscle" looking.  It would make more sense to be slender and strong, robotic parts don't require bulk.
     Perhaps the sword mechanic may be ported into a future Metal Gear game and we can actually play as Jaeger in all his glory... I would love to see Metal Gear Solid 1, updated with the modern graphics, and have a cloaked Jaeger as a stealthy, sword swinging playable character. 

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