Playstation 4: The PS4 revealed... kind of...

     Was anyone else disturbed by the lack of the Playstation 4 reveal at the said Playstaion 4 debut show?  Maybe I was right and the PS4 is just a massive system upgrade for the PS3.  Maybe they haven't finalized the console design? 
     Something about this was very over hyped.  We've gotten a bunch of seemingly useless info.  None of the games are interesting yet, and the Diablo 3 port should've gone to PS3 a year ago.  Way to be late Blizzard.  I played enough on PC and will not be revisiting it on PS4 any time soon.
     Well, I do like the new controller, it looks a bit blocky, I would like a sleeker curved design like a few of the 3rd party controllers I prefer, but this is a start. 
     I think my biggest like is the recording and sharing the system is looking towards.  I made it no secret about how horrible the PS3 game recording is.  A week of struggling with the Hauppauge HD PVR was enough.  Now that Sony seems to have built one in- well, that's just foresight, and I thank them for it.  Social media is big, and will probably have much more appeal once I start using it on the console itself.

      Not backwards comptable? Not PSN linked for all my previous buys? If hackers can make an emulator to play games on a completely different system, then Sony should be able to port their own games(with all the same controls) from PS3 to PS4.
      It isn't absurd to think it should be a given. Don't make another mistake like the Vita. If it's reasonably priced and games are easily ACCESSABLE people will go with it. I will NOT rebuy games, considering that I've already purchased some games (such as Ico and Shadow of the Colossus) multiple times.
      Sony, you are eliminating plenty of potential early buyers with this. I personally will not buy the PS4 now until I am able to get a bunch of games I want. Made that mistake with the Vita and will not repeat it for the PS4. It is a remarkably amazing piece of equipment, but there just isn't enough material to be played on it yet. Should I even mention how the cost is hurting it? Take a hint from SCE Japan and lower that cost. More buyers will present more companies opportunities to make games, which in turn, present more money making chances for Sony as a whole. It is simple.
     You want to sell me on the PS4?  Make it compatable with things I've already bought.  It's disappointing to FEEL like we'll have to re pay for games in a struggling economic market.
     *UPDATE*  Just read this- a small bit of potential good news.  Make this happen Sony.

     I am, however, pretty excited for the talk of  Vita being a major "Remote Player" for the PS4.  Hopefully it'll be able to be fully used when I'm out of the house and far away from home.  No use using remote play if it only extends into the next room. 
     If the Vita had a larger selection of great games, the sales could be boosted.  As a lucky individual that had enough spare dollars to purchase one, I am greatful, because this system is just astounding.  (Yes, I have multiple Nintendo DS systems- they just can't compare to Vita's games like Uncharted or Gravity Rush)  The Vita needs this boost of usable capabilities.

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