Neca Borderlands 2 Figures

     Over on the Gearbox Software Borderlands 2 forums a bunch of us are discussing the action figures made for the game.  Mostly we're stuck on why the hell did this toy company choose Claptrap and a Psycho Bandit for the first wave.

     Honestly- the Psycho is the "face" of the game, but no one gives a crap about them.  They are a no-name character that you kill in droves.  While Claptrap is understandable as a fairly hilarious and annoying support character, the Bandit character is bothersome because he's a crap enemy that no one likes.  I suggested that this first wave of toys being only 2 "meh" figures would be like Star Wars producing a single wave consisting of a Storm Trooper and R2D2.  Sure, the toys would sell, but not nearly as many as ANY of the Vault Hunters would.
     I believe a wave of 8 pieces- 2 of each of the original 4 Vault Hunters (Roland, Lilith, Mordecai, and Brick) would easily outsell the Claptrap and Psycho set.
     Neca would've make a killing on a set like that.
     Neca needs to think about marketing in other ways -maybe charge extra for custom colors on their suits or something.  Make random weapon variants that come in the package.  Or to boost sales have a "loot system" with gun rarity levels on the accessories- kind of like 1 figure in 50 has an "Orange" level gun- which would be similar to the game's drop rates for loot.  Perhaps have an Eridium or Seraph Crystal system, where the toys each come with random amounts of the currency (along the lines of bar codes, QR codes, trading cards for tracking the amounts and to save on packaging/shipping them in with the figures) and collecting so many earns a mail away offer for an "Invincible" figure...
     So many options and possibilities. When it comes to sales- make the figures people want.

     One member said-
     Man I would be all over weapon packs with alternate heads! Zero heads with sniper rifles, Axton heads with with machine gun. Handsome jack with a loot chest. The possibilities are endless....couple that with exclusives (EE exclusive Moxxi with legendary weapon, NECA online exclusive Mechromancer) this line has great characters and strong legs....why NECA went the route they did is puzzling....
     Neca should follow this logic.  Many toy collector's would buy a bunch of $5.00 "Loot Chest" packs if they were worth it.  Separate from the figures themselves, but the figures should come with a slew of accessories on their own as well.  Make them like the fellow above said- a slew of random guns and some extra heads.  Hell they could even make multiple levels of "Loot Chest" packs- the plain silver chests, the rarer Red Chests, Green Dahl and Yellow Hyperion chests.  A tiered system with increased odds of finding rarer items in the rarer chests or...
     ...they could do a Vending Machine system as well.  Each machine- Marcus weapons, Dr. Zed's Meds, or the Ammo dumps- could be a larger pile of loot than the "Loot Chest" packs- say $10, and thus more chance at "rare loot."  The med and loot machines would just be more of the same chest type loot.  GUNS GUNS GUNS!!! (and heads)

     Now I'm all excited about wanting some sweet collectible Borderlands toys I'll probably never see.  How do I get a job with this company.  Make the toys we want and they will be purchased, ignore buyer advice and suffer financial woes.  Please Neca, make us want the figures by giving us the ones we want.

     Anyway- there's been pics of a 2nd series with Salvador, Zero, and...   wait for iiiiiiiiit...
           ...2 more bandits.   Really Neca?  Ugh.  Stop with the psycho bandits.


  1. if the Zer0 figure doesn't have a sword that he can hold and use then neca shouldn't make him at all. also he should be taller then the other figures and thinner then the other figures and very articulated.

  2. I'm just hoping that they will actually relies these figures soon , its already ages after the estimated date , god dammit neca forget about the bandits and focus on what people want.

  3. I wonder if they've cancelled some of them, because I still can't seem to find anyone other than bandits and a bunch of Claptraps.