Community Season 4 Episode 1

     Sorry this is so late readers- I'm just cranking this out before the new episode tonight.
     The first episode this season aptly deals with the show's meta problem of change.  Quite well I might add.  In their last year of school- Abed struggles with the fear of losing his wonderful study group while Jeff wants to graduate early and goes to some length to beat others in The Hunger Deans games to obtain seats for the study group. 
     Britta and Troy are working on their relationship at the fountain of wishes, and the Dean comments later about it really working.  Annie and Shirley go pranking on the Dean, both of which work.  While Pierce speands the whole episode with jokes about Jeff's "balls" quite literally in his hands.  Chang has returned with Changnesia as a final note at the end of the episode.

     I really enjoyed Abed's Happy Place's Happy Place- an animated Muppet Babies spoof!  His Happy Place is a sitcom with all his friends, and Pierce is played by Fred Willard for some reason- and judging by the previews it looks like we'll see more of him as well.  The commercial banners in the lower part of the screen for fake shows in Abed's mind TV were a nice touch as well.

     All in all- I'd say it's a decent start, by no means is it their best, but well see how the change goes.  I remain optimistic even though this season opener feels the lack of Dan Harmon on writing already.  Really people can come close, but really, the only way to have a Harmon show is with Harmon.  What I don't really get is that the show was doing well.  Continue making it as best as possible, regardless of problems.  Maybe things will get sorted out.  I don't know- just make the best out of this show NBC.  Don't screw this up.
     And I want to point out the fact Jeff makes a joke about everyone moving in together once Pierce dies... foreshadowing???

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