New Season of Community... so close...

     As someone that has watched this show from day one, I am super pleased to say that it'll be back tomorrow night!  Lending the seasons out to many people and getting small groups together to watch and share my joy with such an outstanding show it makes me feel good to know that shows like this are still going.  And hopefully receiving better ratings than crap like Honey Boo Boo.  
     NBC struck comedic gold with Community, and I hope they can keep that momentum going through these new episodes.  It's looking good so far with the Epic Hunger Deans commercial:

     I know a lot of people have heard stories and rumors of the friction between Chevy Chase and writer Dan Harmon, but I don't know what's happening for real.  Does Chevy Chase realize that he used to be a huge star, but over time he became irrelevant, and Harmon and Community made him popular again.  Sure- they made him a villain, but he also had moments of genuine compassion and benevolence.  After Harmon was fired, there's been talk that Chase is now going to be gone as well. 
     So- will Community survive the loss of Harmon?  And will they use the loss of Chevy Chase's character Pierce Hawthorne to get across a moving, yet hilarious, episode dealing with a major death?
     As of yet, they haven't failed to be a great show- please NBC, keep it together.  Here's hoping for six seasons and a movie.  #SixSeasonsAndAMovie

     On a bonus super awesome side note- I saw a few snippets of Troy and Abed dressed as Calvin and Hobbes.  Amazing!  I wonder if it'll be handling Abed's take on reality with his Aspergers???  As Calvin and Hobbes is all about perspective and imagination it would be quite fitting to work into an episode. 

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