A trip to Wal-Mart

I just got home from an amazing trip to Walmart. This is going to be the abbreviated version. On the way into the store I saw a cop giving a ticket to a guy in one of those little motorized scooters. Hmmm... That's interesing.
Then I went back to see if they had any sweet new action figures. While in the toy section there was a lady pushing her very young son around in a cart. He was smacking two foam swords together making all kinds of noises, none of which were related to sword clashing.
Anyway, she tells him not to hit anyone else in the aisles. He quickly replied,"Not even that loser?"
The mother told me that he didn't mean me.
I laughed greatly, she turned bright red, there was nobody else in the aisle.
She quickly left.
Nothing in toys, so I headed to the food section for that sweet ambrosia men call Dr. Pepper. Almost run down by a stock person loaded with cosmetic products, I make it miraculously unscathed.
I've got the soda and all my toes, and decide to make haste to the self checkout.
The only open machine immediately starts flashing a red light. The light in turn calls over a lady. Not because of something I did, but because it wants more receipt paper.
"No problem," I think to myself.
I was WAY wrong. Ten minutes and two more managers later, I was checking out.
Sure, I could have checked out in another lane, but then I would have missed a great human struggle of 3 people against a single machine's paper roll.
I am pretty sure the receipt dispenser won.

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  1. ahhh. my old work place.. how i miss the hi-jinx (spelling?)