Probably my last election post

This is exactly what my poorly expressed, previous post about McCainasaurus should have read.

from Time Magazine(Nov. 10, 2008 issue), Inbox:



Throughout his career, John McCain
has shown himself willing to put others at risk to advance his career or his
causes[Oct. 27]. Like President Bush, he is a person who shoots from the hip,
invites conflict and sees compromise as a sign of weakness rather than a path to
progress. His impulsiveness has been evident this fall in rash decisions such as
selecting Sarah Palin and suspending his campaign. While his supporters call him
a maverick, I call him reckless. And as the past eight years have shown,
recklessness is not what we need in a President. We need someone with
intelligence, composure, discipline, and restraint.

-Robert J. Inlow, Charlottesville, VA.

On a funny note, every time someone calls McCain a maverick, I picture him as a really old Tom Cruise in "Top Gun", with the Highway to the Danger Zone song playing over the image in my head. Quite entertaining.
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